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Dog Training Services & Pricing

dog-training-collegeville-king-of-prussiaFree Phone Consultation and Evaluation

This no obligation 30 minute phone consultation gives you a chance to meet us and talk about the challenges you have with your dog, and what you want to see change in your relationship with your dog.

We will help you decide if you and your dog are better suited for one-on-one lessons or board and training. Fill out the contact Us form by clicking HERE to schedule your FREE call today.


Board and Train Rehabilitation Services

Our most popular solution provides an immediate shift in the dog’s behavior and instills a calm state of mind.  Your dog will learn life long skills that will spill over to your life when you and your dog are reunited.  Due to the nature of some deep seated behaviors, Board and Train programs provide the structure and repetition that is necessary to change your dog.  It is also the most fair approach, because it takes time for a dog to learn new problem solving behaviors.  By removing a dog from their home (and owner/s) they are in the best space mentally and emotionally to learn better choices.  Our Board and Train results are dramatic and life changing.  Our owners feel a sense of empowerment they have never experienced before, and they move into a space of confidence knowing they and their dog have the skills necessary to move through situations that were once too challenging.

  • Stop dog aggression
  • Stop biting
  • Stop annoying barking
  • Stop separation anxiety
  • Stop leash reactivity
  • Stop dog reactivity
  • Stop whining
  • Stop fighting
  • Stop pulling on leash
  • Stop door bolting
  • Stop chasing small animals
  • Stop counter surfing
  • Stop resource guarding of anything (food, toy, furniture, person)
  • Stop jumping
  • Stop mounting
  • Stop fence charging/fighting
  • Stop poop rolling/poop eating
  • Stop destruction of property
  • Stop digging
  • Stop running away

During your dog’s stay, it will be taken for 3 walks a day, experience many training sessions during the day, will develop a calm state of mind and ability to handle stressful situations with poise, have socialization  based on the dog’s current ability and will have the opportunity to problem solve through various social challenges, learn calmness while crated, will enjoy social outings, and much more.  Our Board & Training program includes the following commands:

Place command – means go to any designated space and chill out until I say it’s okay to get up.  This is the cornerstone of our B&T program and is the foundation for duration work, which is the work that develops a calm state of mind.  So many dogs simply have never been asked (or shown) how to relax.

Recall – come when called.  Your dog will also be introduced to off leash training.

Heel – walks nicely and respectfully on leash, with no pulling

Out – leave it

Sit, Down & Off

At the time of drop off, we will have a 30 minute meeting, and two 90 minute go-home sessions which MUST be completed before the dog goes home.  These go home sessions are critical to transfer the techniques and strategies to you so that you will have continued success.  You will also have one additional follow up session at your home, plus email and phone support after the program is completed.  We also include videos that we give you as a guide to continue training when you go home.

Foundation Board and Train

1 week    Price: $750**

This program is where your dog learns to say please and thank you and hold the door for others.  It is designed for those owners who need help getting started and would rather get the foundation over 1 week’s time than do one on one lessons and get the behavior months later.  In this and all B&T programs, we offer continuous structure, leadership and guidance to your dog for 7 consecutive days.  We build muscle memory in your dog by repeating commands and training drills many times daily over a full week,  Repetition is the mother of skill when establishing a foundation of obedience and when conditioning a dog to the E-collar.  We do the heavy lifting because our clients simply don’t have the time.

In this program, your dog will learn the following in real world settings (inside and outside) with light distractions (dogs, kids, and maybe even some cats and rabbits):

  • Walk nicely on leash
  • Sit with duration
  • Down with duration
  • Place with duration
  • Wait politely at thresholds
  • Foundation recall work
  • Crate/kennel work
  • Wait for food
  • Introduction to the E-collar

This program includes 2 go-home lessons and an additional 90 minute follow up lesson at our location.  We also spend time teaching our clients about leadership and state of mind work and what it means over time for your dog.

Dogs who have gone through this program are eligible for our free pack walks in the community as well as our free E-collar workshops.  This helps our human clients advance their skills at no charge.  It also provides you an opportunity to meet other dog owners, sharpen your handling and E-collar skills and provide socialization to your dog in a safe environment.

Once training is completed, your dog is eligible to board with us if you are ever in need of boarding services (special discounts are available for graduates of our board and train, so please ask).

A $250 deposit is due to hold your spot and is nonrefundable if you cancel within 2 weeks of the board and train.

Behavior Modification Board and Train

$1500 (2 weeks)  $2200 ( 3 weeks)

This program includes the above foundation plus behavior modification for dogs exhibiting leash reactivity, fear, separation anxiety, biting, dog aggression and human aggression.  It may take longer than 3 weeks to rehabilitate some dogs.  We will notify you if we think more training is necessary.

**If you cannot afford a board and train program, you may qualify for a payment plan or discounted rate only for a 7 day board and train program.  Fill out a Contact Us form to see if you qualify.

Private Lessons

This four lesson package includes an evaluation of your dog, and discussion of your goals for you and your dog. We teach sit/stay, down/stay, place and come. These are not just obedience commands, they are the commands that will help your dog to develop a calm state of mind over time, which eliminates behaviors such as mouthing, clinging, jumping, nipping, door darting, counter surfing, destruction of property, barking, and other issues your dog may have. The heart of what we do is directed toward the mindset of the dog. When we create a calm dog, a lot of the unwanted behaviors go away. Whatever behavior problems that remain can be addressed and corrected much faster and with very little effort.

At STAT K9 we use remote collar training to get the most reliable and fastest results possible. We use the very best in technology and pride ourselves on using very low level stimulation to communicate with the dog. We always give a hands-on introduction to the collar so you get to feel what your dog feels. There is no shocking, zapping or electrocution going on, and we want you to be 100% comfortable with the tool before we use it. We use the e-collar as a finesse tool, not one of force. It is NOT like the “shock” collars of 10 years ago, nor is it in any way similar to electric fence technology which is very high level and painful to your dog, nor is the technology we use anything like what you can buy at your local big box pet store.

The initial lesson will be 90 minutes (some of that time is just your dog with me one-on-one) and we will finish out the lesson with the owner. The results are astounding and fast, so fast you will ask yourself why you did not do this sooner!  Each lesson thereafter is roughly 1 hour, where we will continue to work hands-on with you and your dog on all of the above behaviors.  The prong collar and Ecollar are included (there may be an additional charge if a more powerful Ecollar is required for your dog).  If you wish to continue training after the 4 lessons are completed, the fee is $80 per lesson.

At your home: $485.00


Structured Boarding

You can relax while you are away knowing that your pet is being well cared for in a clean, quiet family home environment.  No dirty kennels or barking dogs!  We take a very structured approach to your dog’s stay with us.  Structured training and play sessions are a part of each day, as well as structured walks, and place time/duration work (all signature methods taught in our board and train programs).  There will also be structured socialization with the dogs in our pack.  Your dog will come home better behaved then when it arrived.  Your dog must be spayed/neutered, crate trained and formerly trained by us.

$58 per day (20% discount for additional dogs)